AtoZ Healing Space is a place for a deeper truth to flourish, a truth nurtured through AtoZ’s many diverse activities and offerings. It is the truth that lies beneath the details of our situations and stories. It is the realization that we are walking a path to greater wisdom, each of us moving through the prism of our own stories and situations. Even with all our differences and uniqueness, we are together on this path. We are One.

Just as an ancient proverb stated that all roads led to Rome, at AtoZ we believe that many different healing modalities can guide us towards our greatest good. Through our rich variety of modalities at AtoZ, we are seeking the Source of that which generates the life we wish to live: a life in service to humanity, even in service to Spirit, if you will.

This is ‘service to humanity’ without giving up on the life we are living, or any of our hopes and dreams. We are contemporary ‘yogis,’ thriving in a modern world, finding ways to embrace a larger version of ourselves. Through all the activities at AtoZ, we are embracing freedom and love. We are claiming – and helping others to claim – our Divine Birthright.

We are all searching for…

An oasis that feeds our soul and inspires our mind…

A place where we are seen and accepted…

A safe space to grow and learn…

A home base where we gather strength and support…

A place that awakens us to the gifts of the world around us, and returns us to a place of knowing within.

This is that place.

Catch the spark. Feel the warmth. Find community. Make this a year of growth and connection.

As an AtoZ member you receive:

Monthly live online workshops with top healers worldwide
Monthly live online circle gatherings led by spiritual leaders
Monthly Full Moon healing meditations and distance energy transmissions to activate your dreams and intentions every month
On-demand access to the complete video library of all our workshops
Special discounts on programs and digital products by our Featured Healers and Circle Leaders
Exclusive access to a Members-Only online Forum
Discounted rates on professional Practitioner Training Programs available only at AtoZ Academy

Through offering a rich variety of modalities at AtoZ, we are seeking the Source of that which generates the life we wish to live: a life in service to humanity, even in service to Spirit, if you will. That is our mission. Everything we do is in service to that calling.

Our Featured Healers are a carefully selected group of world-renowned thought leaders. They include such luminaries as Kamini Desai, who was awarded the title Yogeshwari (a woman of yogic mastery) for her keen ability to bring ancient illumination to the challenges of the human experience, Shiloh Sophia, founder of Cosmic Cowgirls and Intentional Creativity, Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist, and more.

We are proud to present this impressive roster of healers and teachers who have founded their own healing modalities and/or added their unique contribution to the field of healing. Our monthly members-only workshops offer unprecedented live access to these leaders in the field of healing and wellness, as well as follow-up opportunities to continue working or training with them.

What makes AtoZ so special is a place where YOU matter. This is not just access to videos, this is a true community, learning, sharing and growing together. AtoZ is based on the knowledge that we are all both leading and following, both learning and teaching. This is the strength of our AtoZ Academy, where through our practitioner trainings everyone is invited to gain the skills to step more and more into a leadership role.

AtoZ Healing Space  is for you if...

... you are looking for an online community, where you can participate fully from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
...you want to explore a wide range of cutting edge healing modalities with some of the great healers and teachers of our time, all vetted, curated for you and delivered to you every month.
... you’re beginning your journey of healing.
... you’ve been longing for a way to grow and heal and you want to sample different modalities and see which modalities and healers resonate with you.
... you’re a personal growth explorer always eager to try new methods.
...you would like a community of kindred spirits and soulful explorers to grow and heal together.

Would you feel comfortable hiring a healer based on a magazine ad, or a sidewalk billboard? Would you entrust your innermost growth and guidance to just anyone?

At AtoZ Healing Space each Featured Healer is vetted for integrity, skill, effectiveness and approach, and curated to bring you the widest possible range of modalities. We bring you the very best practitioners in the field. You receive only the best. That is our commitment to you.