Our values

As a record label, we value community, creativity and collaboration. We look for artists who are not only talented, but enthusiastic about being active within the our tight-knit community. We believe that music and creativity flourish when we are surrounded by likeminded people who work with, advise and encourage one another. We learn from each other's strengths and differences whilst retaining creative control and individuality.

Our music

We look to find, create and share quality music which captures experiences and evokes emotion, be it nostalgia, excitement, happiness or sorrow. We are open to a wide range of genres with a current focus on trip hop, lofi, jazz and downtempo genres with experimental and ambient influences.

How we came to be

The founders of Aviary Bridge Records, Leon Permentier and Laura Mason, came into contact during their early days as producers on Soundcloud. Initially intending to collaborate on a track, they ended up as friends with a shared interest in musical innovation. In time, they made the decision to create Aviary Bridge Records as a vehicle for their releases which allowed them to retain flexibility and creative control over their music. Since the label was established in 2016, more and more artists have joined the roster, continuing to grow and shape Aviary Bridge Records into the collective label it is today.

How we work

Aviary Bridge Records includes artists from around the globe. We work together and share music with each other, almost entirely digitally. We believe that in the digital age and the ever-changing music industry, adaptability is key. Instead of shying away from this new and uncertain future, we aim to grab it by the horns and embrace it, making it work for us as a creative force.