Patrick Ryan

Executive coach, leadership trainer, author, entrepreneur, Buddhist monk, Patrick Ryan founded and heads Awakened Wisdom Experiences®  Inc.  Patrick powerfully integrates his rich life experiences with ancient teaching and modern applications to help deepen his client’s understanding of their own experiences.  Patrick’s life experiences are as varied as they are unique.  As a former Buddhist monk in Burma (now Myanmar), he practiced the path of awakened living, according to Buddhist philosophy. He has also studied indigenous wisdoms with a variety of teachers.  Patrick is passionate about serving the world’s need for consciousness development.

“I wanted to create a vehicle that can provide opportunities for amazing and talented people to get out into the world and contribute in ways that are only possible through our collective ability to do it together. I am thrilled at the amazing group that has shown up to take part in this great adventure.”  
An overview of Patrick Ryan’s accomplishments:

-  Author of Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance and The Eagles Call.

-  15 years of international coaching and leadership development experience.

-  Globally presented his work in London, Tel Aviv, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and throughout the United States

-  Created and Presented spiritual and mystical retreats, corporate training, and has lead extensive transformational, personal and professional development work, accumulating well over one thousand days of  leading learning experiences

-  A senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute in Coaching and Leadership development for over 10 years.  Certified as a co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute. He has accumulated over twenty-five hundred hours of one on one, group and team coaching experience.

-  Ordained as a Buddhist monk in Burma (Myanmar) and was initiated as a mystic and energy worker by his shaman teacher.

-  Studied and is a Guide in the Council way according to the [Native American??] Delicate Lodge teachings of the Beauty Way.

-  Studied the Enneagram with Riso/Hudson, Lapid-Bogda and other teachers.

-  Completed Newfield Network Post-Graduate Coaching program.

-  Creator and President of his own organizations in the fields of training, retail and manufacturing and financial services and real estate.

-  Survived and incorporated [into his work?] a death experience as a teenager