We’ve served the needs of over 100,000 individuals – and some of the world’s best known companies.  We have the tools and programs required for success in today’s challenging environment.

Independently owned offices worldwide.  We are business people ourselves; not employees of a large multinational firm who may have little experience in the real world.  We understand your local situation and the challenges in today’s marketplaces.

Our coaches embrace the concepts of  The Four Windows Process©.  Worldwide, it has been successful for organizations of all sizes; and is equally powerful for one on one coaching.

Coaching starts with a review of the current situation, what’s working and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired objectives and goals.  From there, the next steps are determined and an actionable plan is created.  

Do you need one coach, or a team?  Because we have offices worldwide; we can serve the needs of multiple locations or programs at the same time.  We work in many languages, serving the needs of our clients wherever they are.

The coaching sector is unregulated. Over 47,500* individuals now call themselves “coaches”. It can be hard to determine what or who you’re getting.

At BSCN, we start with a no-charge coaching consultation by phone. Normally a $150-250 US value, it will be about 30-45 minutes long to ensure you feel like you’ve got the right connection.  We’ll do a needs assessment and outline alternative strategies for you.

No sales pitch
No pressure