Banking connects is a business/social networking website aimed at the banking and financial services industries. The site utilizes a new concept in the social networking community that separates the user experience to better focus on each ones desired resource. If lenders and brokers want to communicate they can do so with out having to interrupt the flow of education and information exchanged on the site while at the same time be available to the community for input and content related to their specific topics. The user can write Articles and post Deals  to the Home Page . In addition to the ability to separate the afore mentioned members are able to start, moderate and easily search out topics and discussions in the Forum. The member directory allows registered users the ability to connect without some of the restrictions other networking sites employ. One of the features allows the user to search based on position company name or user name or e-mail address. We are just now finishing our Jobs portal that will be the staple of hiring managers and recruiters a well as invite associates in their current networks to give feed back and in essence rank members and companies. Moving forward we also intend to allow companies to sign  up and create their own communities within the site allowing companies the ability to have their very own social network that they can manage with a very simple back office that any banks IT team can web master! (For inquiries please email services@bankingconnects.com) All in all the team at banking connects wanted to try to encompass all of the very best from the available networks and give professionals in the banking and financial services industry a true one stop resource for anything and everything they could possibly want and need.  
If you have any questions about Banking Connects please send us an email questions@bankingconnects.com