The Bella Center mission is to honor, inspire and empower individuals impacted by violence. We provide holistic healing retreats for victims of past sexual violence and abuse. We partner with several agencies and organizations which serve clients.

We are based in Owatonna and the Twin Cities Minnesota and work with retreat centers throughout the Midwest. We feel it is imperative to provide service to individuals regardless of ability to pay. Currently, all administration is volunteer, so that 100% of donations can go into the program.

We are not a medical or mental health treatment facility. Individuals need immediate care and therapy after trauma, and the Bella Program is not intended for this important intervention. However, people are often impacted long after abuse or trauma has ended, and it is during this time of ongoing need that Creative Therapy in a nurturing, holistic environment can help individuals attain a higher level of wellness.

The Bella Center Program is not a religious organization. In the search for a sense of well-being, however, spirituality often plays an important role. We have access to, and can partner with, spiritual guidance leaders, which can be an option for participants.