Binder (www.mybinder.io) empowers all companies to recruit like the McKinseys and Goldmans of the world. By enabling companies to attract, identify, evaluate, and hire the most promising entry-level candidates, Binder shortens the recruitment process into a few easy steps.

First, Binder helps companies market their culture and personality to 25 Million students all over the US.  We engage candidates early in their university career through questions, challenges, and even trial internships, allowing us to collect over 3x more data than on a traditional resume. From there, our dynamic scoring system evaluates candidates and recommends the most suitable matches, providing hiring managers insight into candidates' soft skills, technical capabilities, and personality, and allowing companies to hire with confidence.

Binder also offers developmental internship programs both domestically and abroad to gain valuable experience at various companies. This program has accumulated over $1M in revenue since the 3 years it has began.