"Blessed With Unusual Happiness" was written to provide inspiration, hope and fellowship to parents and especially moms.  The response has been amazing and filled with emotional, energetic and inspirational feedback from readers.  With a background in education and vast experience in life and community service the feedback and requests for more has spawned a new direction of outreach and support to organizations and individuals.  Our new website www.BlessedWithUnusualHappiness.com was recently completed and published to the web.  The site is not only a place to deliver access to the ebook and paperback book but also to further my ministry to women (moms, parents, grandparents, perhaps girls) and also to Indie Authors seeking help in bringing their message to the world of digital publishing.  As we all push to live every day with "Unusual Happiness" support is essential.  My goal is to team up with other inspired and people seeking inspiration to spread the Word and Spirit through this "Blessed" community.  All are invited.  Thanks for teaming up to spread the Word of hope and happiness to a world that is constantly seeking more.