I understand that Real Estate is all about bringing buyers and sellers together.  So, unlike the pure "Listing Agent", or the "Buyers Agent", I have trained and excel at both.

When it comes to representing buyers in the search for their home, my service is fast, courteous and efficient.  As a former police officer, I have a style which can best be described as  "Just the facts, ma'am!".   The buyer may not always like the answers, but he will get the facts, as they are, which is what they require to make the right decision.

As for home-owners, when it comes time to sell their most prized possessions, whether its a house or a condo, my marketing plans are truly '2nd-to-none'.  I am a firm believer in advertising, and as such, your home will receive unequalled covereage in magazines, newsprint, television and dozens of internet sites.
...and oh yeah........having a 'Re/Max' sign in your front yard sure doesnt hurt chances.

So when it comes time to buy or sell, a house, condo or vacant lot, remember....Bo Knows Real Estate!

Bo  (204) 333-2202