After 24 yrs as a Police Officer in Winnipeg, I retired in 2005 and joined Re/Max Performance Realty, the largest and most successful Re/Max brokerage in Winnipeg.  I had considered the first two years of my new career to be an 'apprenticeship', and thus joined as a Licenced Assistant to another agent.

2007 marked my first year as a 'full agent', and an extremely successful year.  While the average agent in Winnipeg sold approx. 18 homes, I sold 55, receiving the Winnipeg Realtors Bronze Award, along with Re/Max's '100% Club" award.

2008 continued on the same path, receiving the Winnipeg Realtors Bronze again, and improving the Re/Max standings up to the "Platinum Club" award.

A large part of my success is due to two factors:  First, by giving excellent service and achieving outstanding results, my past clients feel they can recommend my services to their friends and relatives.  Nearly 68% of my sales come as a result of referrals.

The second reason for the success is 'Innovation":  Here are just a couple of my 'firsts':

Among the first Realtos in Winnipeg to be able to offer Virtual Tours to ANY listings, at no extra cost

First Realtor in Winnipeg to produce a Podcast at

Among the first to produce a Blog at

Among the first to offer television coverage to his listings.


The internet is changing the way everyone does business, and time will stand still for no one.....