BoTreeTechnologies works with companies as small as a 2 persons startup to large Fortune 500 companies. Since inception in, #BoTreeTechnologies has worked with clients across the US, EU, UK and Australia.

BoTree's Canvas to Cloud offering helps companies take ideas from inception to launch through a well-researched and 2013 proven methodology. BoTree has streamlined processes and stringent practices which help quantify quality and delivery. As a part of the Canvas to Cloud offering, BoTree also offers 24 X 7 technical support.

BoTree helps individuals, startups, small and medium-scale businesses build their ideas from canvas to cloud. It works in technologies like Ruby on Rails and Python-Django, Javascript frameworks like Angular, React and Backbone. The company has an in-house Mobile Development team with capabilities in Android, iOS and cross-platform application development using React Native.

BoTree is a domain-agnostic company and has experience working in domains like FinTech, Influencing and social media marketing, publishing, hospitality, Healthcare, Ecommerce, EdTech, Insurance, Banking and Real Estate.

BoTree has been helping businesses since five years now and it has always focused on customer delight rather than just customer satisfaction. BoTree’s clients have helped it to grow and scale and the company is very grateful for their support throughout its journey.