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KITABOO - The Digital Textbook Platform
KITABOO,a leading digital publishing platform,empowers publishers,authors and enterprises to create,publish and distribute interactive digital content across devices.Trusted globally, KITABOO's advanced features drive better learning and business outcomes

A language technology solution providing businesses with unique global language data and analysis.

Squirro AG
Squirro is a global SaaS provider headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, offering enterprise-ready generative AI, search, business insights and automation solutions.

Hospitality AI Summit
Destination AI, the AI-focused hospitality conference

Nimble Worldwide
Nimble Worldwide is the parent company of martech organizations that build content marketing, digital marketing, generative chat and FinTech solutions. Learn more at

Include Inc.
IncludeChat is an enterprise SaaS that equips every employee with trusted and practical inclusion advice via an AI chatbot in real-time.

Before the Rise Inc.
At Before The Rise, a premier digital marketing agency in Clearwater, FL, we’re dedicated to your digital success with winning strategies, valuable insights, and the support you need to outshine competitors and lead your indus

PriviNet is a pioneering startup revolutionizing IoT and AI with innovative solutions like Skyye AI and SkyyeWave. We deliver intelligent, secure, and scalable technologies for smart cities, industrial IoT, and more.

LawCrats is a forward-thinking law firm that combines traditional legal expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive legal services. Our team of seasoned lawyers is not only well-versed in the law but also possesses a deep understanding

AIWeb3 Careers Accelerator
AIWeb3 Careers Accelerator is an educational platform dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving fields of AI and Web3 technology.

The Scottsdale Living
The ultimate guide to everything Scottsdale. Website, social media, in person!

K2G is a leading provider of innovative, AI-driven risk modeling and pricing solutions for the insurance industry.

Gray Matters, Inc.
Gray Matters Inc. (GMI) is an innovative, small technology start-up focused on combining blockchain technology with AI to deliver complete and secure traceability, automation, and data-driven analyses of supply chain assets, materiel, and stakeholders.

Herflix is a premium streaming platform dedicated to delivering immersive entertainment experiences worldwide for women.

Checkout free automation company, servicing convenience stores across north America.
Providing all software saas ai services for HRIS, CRM, ERP, CMS, LMS and much more.

Powder Watts, LLC
Powder Watts is a National Science Foundation awarded and funded company that has recently been awarded a USPTO patent on its ability to tackle the largest unmanaged electric load left on the US electric grid.

Data industry leader for 15 years, with 95 employees in offices in the US, Australia & Asia, simplifies the complex world of web data extraction enabling our customers to focus on their most mission critical analysis & business decisions. Trust in data.

Couro is a dynamic social platform dedicated to unlocking athletic potential. Elevate your game by getting feedback from elite athletes and through Couro’s patent-pending, advanced Motion Analysis AI.

Bamm Technologies
Established in 2002, BAMMTECH is a distributor for a complete portfolio of top-level IT and OT solutions. We provide resellers and integrators with a wide range of software and hardware options to meet all your technology needs.

Converge 2024
Annual gathering in Monaco of 1,000+ Global Leaders & Companies from Technology & Finance to discuss, collaborate and converge.

Parent Lab
A holistic solution to modern parenting for kids ages 2-10. Grounded in attachment theory & personalized by AI.

CertX is a Swiss Certification Body and leading provider that operates in the functional safety, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence certification services

Intellect Horizon
In the realm of learning, Intellect Horizon dares to dream. We merge the art of teaching with the science of technology, crafting experiences where learning is not just a task, but a journey of discovery and wonder.

Knowledgator Engineering
Knowledgator is a marginalized open-source Machine Learning (ML) research organization. It is dedicated to expanding human knowledge by developing fundamental encoder-based models for information extraction tasks. lets you take ownership of your art, protecting it from unlicensed use for AI training

Websoft Interactive
African IT firm with social impact especially in arts promotion.

A Learning platform for kids aged 6-16 years. JetLearn aims to empower kids with the right tech education that is not taught in schools.

Digilab AI
We build tools for creative entrepreneurs and keep you updated on the fast-moving world of AI.

Dialogues Technologies
Dialogues is a company committed to building good technologies that help a person improve dialogues with themselves and with others.

PR Box
Elevate Your Brand with Unmatched PR & Media Relations

Sundance DSP
Sundance DSP is a worldwide supplier of high-performance DSP and FPGA processor boards and I/O modules in support of high-performance, parallel processing applications in a variety of fields

Mohamed Soufan
Mohammad Soufan is a Lebanese Software Engineer who passionately leverages Flutter to create top-notch mobile applications and ranks in the top 5% among 1.6 million AI Engineers globally, based on LinkedIn assessment.

Mom Meets Life
Mom Meets Life LLC is a leading personal brand and digital marketing consultancy specializing in AI-driven bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Learn more at

Wetradetogether Corporation
Wetradetogether Corporation specializes in AI-driven business solutions, focusing on marketing automation, virtual training, and SME scalability. Renowned for the @TeachinGPT podcast, it offers innovative, open-source AI tools for modern enterprises.

Learn Unique Digital Marketing , Online Business Skills , E mail Marketing , Make Money Online

CompuTerra Inc.
Computerra is a software company that specializes in innovates software products. We consult in the area of public safety, AI, business processes and software maintenance.

Datawise Management Services India Private Limited
2 decades of existence and going strong. A Market Research company into Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, AI and ML

Actiquest Inc.
Actiquest is developing technology for autonomous and constantly learned AI sport coaches aka human digital twins based on the latest developments in AI a combination of deep learning decision making, computer vision and generative AI enabled with NLP.

Nova Media Solutions
Nova Media Solutions is a technology driven company with a passion for innovation and commitment to excellence. We specialize in services that empower businesses to adapt, evolve and succeed in the digital era.

Marketing To Success
Marketing To Success helps people discover products and offers tailored to their unique needs and situation. As a client-focused company, our goal is to identify solutions that genuinely meet each individual's requirements.

Nivi, Inc.
Nivi is a digital health company on a mission to enable every person to live better. We do this by relentlessly focusing on providing on-demand, trusted, and actionable information empowering every individual to make informed decisions about their health.

Top Class Trading
Top Class Trading is a reputable company specializing in the retail of mobile tech accessories. Established with a vision to provide cutting-edge accessories for mobile devices.

EarthDNA is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower everyone to act every day to heal spaceship Earth within one decade. llc, established in 2017, is the world’s most widely used Meta-Search Engine. Unlike conventional search engines, Presearch does not track your online activity or sell your data so that you can search in peace!

Statis Fund
Providing AI financial tools and algorithms for investors and institutions.

your target market is a company designed to help people find the right products and offers for their needs.

Healixir LLC
Healixir: AI-driven app for personalized healthcare guidance. Explore alternatives, prescription insights, and premium features for proactive wellness.

Gray Falkon, LLC
Gray Falkon empowers brands to preserve integrity, protect customer experience, and recover sales on e-commerce marketplaces with proprietary AI and automation technology.

Kaiden AI
Kaiden AI is an AI-driven assistant transforming education by enabling effective communication, personalized content generation, and automated grading, aiming to alleviate educators' administrative burdens for a more focused teaching experience.

GlobalReach BI
GlobalReach BI is dedicated to supporting Pharmaceutical Industry in developing and launching new patient treatments globally through strategic intelligence.

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