What is  Painting for PATRIOTS?    
Painting for PATRIOTS is not-for-profit organization, with national headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Founded on July 4, 2009, this group honors individuals or businesses that exemplify patriotism in service to their country or community.  

What is the purpose of Painting for PATRIOTS?
The mission of Painting For Patriots is to brighten the lives of others through the development and implementation of volunteerism and community service for beautification services at the homes or businesses of those who retain a ruling passion to support and defend their country or community.  

How did Painting for PATRIOTS begin?
Specialized Services Group and AkzoNobel joined efforts on July 4, 2009 to salute individuals or businesses who exemplify patriotism in service to their country or community.  This team is inspired to reach out and brighten the lives of those who have given unselfishly to their country or community.  Equipped with paint brushes, beautification tools and big hearted volunteers, Painting for PATRIOTS first project will be completed in August of 2009.

What is the target population for Painting for PATRIOTS?
Painting for PATRIOTS targets individuals or businesses who have served their country or community (i.e. active or retired and career or volunteer military personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, EMT and rescue personnel, etc.).

Does Painting for PATRIOTS have a religious or political affiliation?
Painting for PATRIOTS is an independent, nonprofit organization that has no religious or political affiliation. Painting for PATRIOTS helps others without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

How does Painting for PATRIOTS operate?
Painting for PATRIOTS is entirely run by volunteers. Volunteers fill a variety of positions -- such as executive director, public relations manager, community resource director, outreach and painters. Local and national painting contractors and manufacturers lead the group offering technical design and painting expertise which will be the main focus.

What services does Painting for PATRIOTS offer?
Painting for PATRIOTS promotes, encourages and develops community beautification.  Every house or business, whether being constructed or not would need a new layer of paint and/or landscaping.  This is added beautification which will encourage a greater demonstration of pride and beauty within each adjoining neighborhood that unite neighbors, residents and businesses in this effort.

What can Painting for PATRIOTS volunteers expect?
Painting for PATRIOTS volunteers can expect to provide a variety of beautification of services, such as painting and basic landscaping.  Volunteers can expect to enjoy one event packed Saturday morning of beautification for patriots.  Big hearts, giving spirits and the ability to balance a paint brush is all that is required to qualify.  

Where does Painting for PATRIOTS have programs?
Painting for PATRIOTS is establishing programs across the United States and is currently operating in Florida.

Where does the money come from to run Painting for PATRIOTS?
Operating revenues come from charitable sponsors and donors committed to the goals of the organization. Each year Painting for PATRIOTS will organize a giving campaign known as "Friends of Patriots." In addition to gifts, the organization seeks national and local sponsors, grants, endowments and gifts-in-kind.