The Women of India Leadership Summit

•The Women of India Leadership Summit is a one of a kind  initiative and BooGio 11 Productions is the founding force behind this landmark event.

• The summit was incubated as a reaction to the nation wide protests against the lack of safety and power that Indian women endure on a daily basis, that allowed the brutal gang rape and subsequent death of a young medical student in the capital in December of 2012.
•The mission of the summit is to change the power dynamic that Indian women suffer by educating them about their rights, providing them with information and tools to better cement their financial position and create more safety and security. The summit also brings in to the light, the thriving “rape culture” that is supported by the media, advertising and the Indian film industry that supports the alarming rate of violence in both rural and urban areas.
•It is also the only women’s event that is committed to bringing change for women by including sessions for men.