Quantum Leap: Technology Converges the Brain

10Rule Platform – Breakthrough in Performance and Wellbeing by Bottom Line Results LLC. The 10Rule® Strategy – “The key to maximizing success for individuals and organizations is sustainably replicating the top 10% performance level of all talent that links to measurable bottom-line results.” This strategy is accomplished and achieved via the 10Rule® Cognitive Business Transformation suite of Cloud products. It provides Root Source Data and patented solutions - Filling the Missing Solutions Gap
Between Behavioral and Physical Wellbeing to Increase Human and Business Performance.

10Rule is the real cognitive engine that application developers, marketers, solution providers and engineers wish they had - real proven originating cognitive formulas.  

10Rule by Bottom Line Results LLC. has combined over 25 years of clinical and business consulting experiences to create a set of scalable solutions through that provides what CEO’s, CFO’s and CHRO’s have been seeking for decades; better business performance following annual investments in their workforce.   This disruptive technology is uniquely based on clinical brain-mapping science and is driven by a patented core metric that measures cognitive root core performance thinking algorithms (PTA’s) - the key to each individual’s human performance.

Quantum Leap: Technology Converges Brain:
Using these cognitive formulas (PTA's), data scientists /engineers now have the opportunity to develop applications that can convert the source data of human responses directly into human performance related applications.  This may sound like something out of the future, but it is here now, and verifiable. Using PTAs, Cloud-based platforms can apply human performance thinking patterns to real-time human input, to derive highly accurate predictive outcomes.

Unique Disruptive Cognitive Technology:
10Rule’s ® Hybrid Cognitive Technology combines 15 years of cognitive clinical performance solutions with 20 years of business strategy and organizational development into ONE powerful, business transnational cloud platform that is embedded with a cognitive ‘Performance Thinking intelligence algorithms based on brain mapping science – talent performance thinking metric.

What Makes 10Rule® Unique:
The secret is “between the ears;” the human brain science; real cognitive thinking.  It is the discovery of the “root source algorithms” that provide what we will term performance thinking.  These are the driving force which impacts all aspect of human behavior and workforce productivity; including leadership, sales, customer service, meeting goals, following processes and procedures, working effectively in teams, and building a high performance workforce and culture.

An algorithm is defined as a problem-solving procedure, or in the case of a computer or brain, a program.  The brain’s programs/algorithms that comprise thinking – performance thinking, are the root source of all behavior and decisions in a human’s workplace functions, therefore the lifeblood of any business.  By identifying and emulating these, you have the true cognitive brain “files”, which we call performance drivers.   With these in mind, and coded into the proper software platform, you can then predict outcomes, execute performance, and the results of people’s engagement.

Business Outcomes:
Increasing sales revenue
Saving costs
Increased profits
Stronger leadership skills
Faster Business Transformation
Efficient pre/post Merger integrations

HR Outcomes:
90% efficiency in selection of top performing talent
50% recruiting time savings
50% hiring savings
10% to 30% Performance increased in weeks
Faster workforce performance transformation

Wellbeing and Health Outcomes:
Provides new science based preventive behavior healthcare solutions
Provides greater wellbeing and productivity in weeks
Provides low cost scalable remedies, activities and tools for greater personal wellbeing
Provides link between performance and greater wellbeing
Without any claims data provides accurate ID remediation for common chronic health issues

10Rule® Provides Patented Cognitive Solutions Impacting Human Performance to Deliver Bottom Line Results for individuals and businesses