Brian T. Loughrin Tax Attorney proudly represents clients in Tampa and all surrounding counties in the state of Florida.  The prospect of an examination of records by the IRS or DOR can be a frightening and intimidating experience.  It is important to retain an experienced attorney when dealing with government agencies and for help with each step of an audit.  A tax attorney can assist with the legal aspects that can include evaluation of the financial situation of the client, preparation of the records to produce and protection of the rights of the client inside and outside the courtroom.  Other areas can include installment agreements, IRS offer in compromise, tax liens & levies, tax fraud defense, and utilization of the innocent spouse rule.  For businesses, an attorney can help with payroll (941) tax issues, interest and penalties, and matters relating to the Department of Revenue.  You can learn more about the law office at http://www.tampataxrelief.com.