Who are we?
British Listing is a well known online shopping index for British Shopper. It is started by founder Anam Ahmed back in 2007. Then Emma Dawson joined this company as a co-founder.

What we do?
http://www.britishlisting.com is fully affiliate based company, as it doesn’t have its own products. All products and links are from Third Party Company. It is providing its customer a complete list of online & high street shop’s index as well as price comparison site.

4,000 shopping site from online and High Street are listed here.

How we make money?
When our visitors click on any ads or product, they go to the third party company. If they buy anything from that site, then we receive a little percentages of that sale value.

Please Note: We don’t charge our visitor in any ways.

What can you do for us?
Please visit our site and buy something, even if it is little; so that we can present British Shopping Directory throughout the web.
If you have any enquiry or would like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to contact to us at britishlisting@yahoo.com or info@britishlisting.com

What we are expecting from you?
Please do write us about anything, how we can improve our site more attractive, adding new company or any kind of suggestions.

At last

Thank very much for visiting our site and see you soon. Wish you a very good time.