Buddy’s Blankets started when Darlene Steen’s precious Buddy became so sick and spent over a week in the Critical Care unit at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. All Veterinary Critical Care units need baby blankets for their fur patients. She would bring Buddy two or three clean ones every day at least twice a day on my visits and just leave the old ones for them to wash and reuse however they needed. One day while lying in his hospital bed with him she noticed that the other fur patients didn’t have soft cozy covers, they just had towels. The Steens decided to buy and/or collect cozy, furry baby blankets and deliver them to the Specialty Vet Hospitals. Unfortunately, Buddy lost his fight on Sunday morning, the 18th of September 2016, surrounded by all his family and, yes, wrapped in a blue warm fuzzy baby blanket. Thanks to the staff at Gulf Coast, they had used the ones that were made for him had that morning. They quickly got one of his blankets washed, dried, and brought him wrapped in a warm blanket. It meant so much to the family that they did this for them and their precious Buddy. https://www.buddysblankets.com