Business & Education London South (BELS)

BELS is a registered charity based in London, England  working with businesses,  educational establishments and voluntary organisations supporting young people as they prepare for adult and working life.

BELS focuses on the development of young peoples’ interpersonal, commercial and business skills, to empower them to develop their potential and be better prepared to proceed to further education or employment.

BELS achieves this by:

Promoting and encouraging education business links to better enable young people   to access employment;

Working with schools and colleges to enhance the aspirations and improve the employment opportunities of young people;

Researching both the labour market and the adequacy of existing education and training opportunities to identify key skills needs and other requirements for increasing employment opportunities;

Devising, implementing and monitoring training and work experience programmes
and opportunities.

Services to young people include; the provision of skills training, coaching, adventure team building, employer engagement and work experience placements.