Business Only Broadband operates the largest Fixed-Wireless (Line of Site) Ethernet network in Chicago Land, New York and New Jersey.  Using Digital Microwave technology, we provide diverse Ethernet (Internet and Private Line) from 1.5Mb – 300Mb CIR.  My company has found that the best possible way to accomplish 100% network up time is to have 2 diverse egress points into the building (ground and sky) in the event the buried utilities are ever compromised.  All our connections come with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees performance metrics comparable to fiber providers.  We are partnered with thousands of companies that consider the internet a critical part of there business.

Business Only Broadband Offers Reliable, Affordable High-Speed Wireless Solutions in the Unlicensed or Licensed Band Chicago’s Business Only Broadband (BOB) is business built on two basic premises: providing cost-effective last-mile alternative for high-speed wireless service and paying much more than lip service to customer service. BOB is completely independent of the local phone companies making the company’s broadband serviceman excellent choice for a backup Internet connection for business .BOB’s customer stake advantage of fast installation, bandwidth on demand and 24/7customer support. We’ve become the largest independent wireless broadband network in Chicagoland and New York.  Our customers here in Chicago land cover all verticals from Hospitals to Construction to Hospitality, Manufacturing, Technology, Financial, .coms, retail, Education and Government.