Business of Life LLC is built on a foundation of writing, publishing content, and speaking engagements that enrich the lives of its clients, along with personal coaching to help clients achieve their ambitions.  The focus of these activities is both personal and financial in nature, acknowledging the link that exists between the different aspects of life and wellbeing.

The cornerstone of client outreach for Business of Life LLC is my free email newsletter, "The Business of Life."  By completing your free subscription, you will receive regular insights and analysis of business, finance, and life in general.  I am a strong believer in privacy, and will not share your email address or send spam emails.  This free service is complimented by white paper reports, writing for hire, speaking engagements, and coaching services.  The purpose of all services I offer my clients is to build the knowledge necessary for a more complete personal, professional, and financial life.  

I also offer my clients the opportunity to develop a stream of passive income by earning cash back from online shopping through the blastoff network.  This service is offered through Pre-Paid Legal, a company that provides affordable legal services to middle class people.  In addition to this, there is an opportunity to generate another stream of passive income through Pre-Paid Legal by sharing the benefits of membership with others.

The basis for my business philosophy comes from my experience as a young college graduate in the financial services industry.  My observation was that recommendations were tilted more toward earning commissions than doing what was in the best interest of the customer.  Since leaving the industry, I have had a desire to develop a new way of doing business.  Business of Life LLC is my endeavor to shape this new model into reality.

The most important aspect of the "Business of Life" philosophy is to frame the achievement of success in the context of rich and fulfilling relationships.  Wealth and fame are of little value without loved ones to share them with.  Maintaining balance is paramount in a world that is rife with distraction, and teeming with information.

Please feel welcome to become a "Business of Life" subscriber, and to contact me so that we can discuss ways to achieve your personal and professional goals.  My business philosophy is based in the notion that every customer is different, and that value should be always come first.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and talk about ways that we can do business.