The Canadian Caregivers Association (CCA - ACAF) is a non-profit organization that was established to protect the rights of Canadian families and live-in caregivers from all over Canada and warn them about malpractice in this business. Working with industry partners to create new standards of practice, the Canadian Caregivers Association advocates many important changes that need to be made to guarantee live-in caregiver rights and meet the needs of Canadian families.

The staff and volunteers of the CCA offer information about the Live-in Caregiver Program, access to caregiver resources, and linkage services to caregivers who approach us with their problems. Both caregivers and employers can get in touch with our staff and volunteers by phone, e-mail, or mail to get the information and support they need, and to be connected to service and support organizations that can help further.

The number of caregivers and employing families is growing and their needs will increase significantly unless there is action taken at all levels of the health care system. Key players in the community, public, private and volunteer sectors need to band together to create a unified voice.