Campaign Mojo and our family of brands exist to serve the small to mid-sized marketer by developing advanced marketing automation tools that allow them to Create, Launch, and Track multi-media advertising campaigns.  Our marketing platforms give users the ability to manage Online, Offline, and Mobile marketing campaigns with a single login via our Software as a Service (SaaS) interface via the internet.  Traditionally, advanced marketing technology which enables personalized messaging via direct mail, email, landing pages, PURLs (personalized marketing websites), banner ads, and mobile marketing has always come with a hefty price tag.  Campaign Mojo brings all of these marketing programs to small and mid-sized businesses at a price they can afford, using a system that is easy to understand, and with a single login on our marketing system.  

For the first time, smaller companies can market themselves using the same tools as much larger ones, but at a fraction of the price.  In some cases, they can actually outperform a professional marketing team because the Mojo platform is built to show responses across ALL advertising programs including Online, Offline, and Mobile media outlets within consolidated reports that are easy to understand and analyze.  .