Imagine knowing which of your marketing efforts work and which don't. You can save thousands of dollars with each campaign by making better decisions based on the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns.


What we do:

Our marketing software automation platform solves a number of issues that have traditionally plagued marketers in their quest of determining exactly which element, offer, promotion, or design of a particular campaign motivated someone to respond, and more importantly, create a sufficient return on their marketing investment. In recent years, technology has played a key role in helping very large companies with equally large budgets close the loop with direct response tracking. Landing pages, sophisticated tracking mechanisms for telephone, online, and offline responses, as well as consolidated reporting all help professional marketing teams execute highly sophisticated tests to determine exactly what their next campaign should say, how to say it, and who to say it to.

Until now, that kind of marketing technology has been well out of the reach of small to mid-sized organizations due to sheer cost and the number of outside resources they would need manage in order to have that insights into their own methodologies. Campaign Wellness was designed to level the playing field for “the rest of us”. Our platform puts the power of direct marketing in the hands of our clients at a fraction of the price they would otherwise pay thanks to our ability to harness multiple technologies on their behalf, and present them in a very simple and concise way. Now, everyone can Create, Launch, and Track professionally built campaigns and know EXACTLY where their marketing dollars are creating their best return on investment.


All marketers (and most business owners) know that almost half of their marketing budget is wasted on advertising that doesn't produce a meaningful response and the needed ROI. Campaign Wellness was spedifically built to show you which half is working and allow you to manage and track all of your marketing programs using a single login. Campaign Wellness is the only "All in One" solution for professional multi-channel business marketing automation.