27 year cancer survivor, patient advocate and author.
There is a refining of the soul that one experiences through significant trials, whether it’s surviving a near-death experience, battling back from a devastating injury, battling cancer or coming to grips with life as an ostomate. In my brokenness, if I am really honest with myself and others, I separate the really important stuff from the insignificant. With courage and in love, I discard the insignificant and gather the important elements together to frame a new way of being. A better, stronger and simplified life based on the strength gained in the crucible. I made it, I survived and I am thriving as a result of my life experiences and the trials along the path. I know that I can overcome obstacles. I am more than my problems, I have risen to the challenges and overcome them. I am a successful survivor and in doing so I’ve gained confidence in myself and those in my inner circle of supporters.
Randy Henniger
27 year colon cancer survivor and ostomate
So Lake Taheo, CA USA