CareBeacon helps protect you and the ones you love. CareBeacon runs on a iPhone, it detects if you fall or stop moving and automatically sends for help to family and friends with your GPS location. It is made in Los Angeles.

CareBeacon helps families who want to monitor the well being of active loved ones. If they stop moving or fall CareBeacon automatically sends a message to designated family and friends.

Provides Peace of Mind
CareBeacon runs on your iPhone in the background. As soon as a problem is detected CareBeacon automatically sends a text message and calls the emergency contacts phone numbers with the phone holders GPS location.

It Protects Anywhere
Most monitoring systems only work within the confines of your home. CareBeacon works anywhere there is a cellular or Wi-Fi network. If your emergency occurs in the mall or the garden CareBeacon is able to send the emergency message to your designated contacts.

Easy to Use
CareBeacon is very easy to use and follows National Institute on Aging, American Foundation for the Blind and ADA guidelines. You can be protected in a few simple steps. Once running you don't even need to press a button to send the alert. CareBeacon does it for you.

Cost Effective
The CareBeacon app is free and motion/fall monitoring is significantly less than other monitoring services. Sign-up and get a free 14-day trial period. After that time you can choose a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month plan. There are no added fees or charges. We will even send you a free iPhone arm band carry case with paid annual subscriptions.

Who makes CareBeacon?
We are a dedicated team of technologists who have a significant background in the creation of applications. Our team has some quality grey hair from over 30 years experience in software development, including the development of GPS-centric family apps for DisneyMobile.

CareBeacon is proudly built in Los Angeles.