CARMEC is a service that connects you with a certified mechanic, with whom you will make an appointment at your desired location, and will then inspect the prospective used vehicle. This service is offered to you, the prospective buyer of the vehicle, in order to determine the condition of the used vehicle. The mechanic will use a series of systematic checks and will inspect the vehicle’s systems and will then give you the professional advice you need so that you, the prospective buyer, may then arrive at a fair and reasonable purchase price with the seller of the used vehicle. By obtaining accurate knowledge of the condition of the used vehicle, you will be better equipped to make a deal with the seller of the used vehicle
CARMEC is changing the concept of buying/checking a used vehicle from a risky, uncertain experience to a simple and easy one. You have a vehicle in mind but you may not know anything about used cars, or their mechanical difficulties, and you do not know anyone to help you with this problem. CARMEC will help you!


Now you can simply download the app for free on Apple store or Google Play and create your Profile. With the “preferable miles radius,” you can select your licensed mechanic and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Your mechanic will meet with you at the date, time and location you requested and your mechanic will perform a full vehicle inspection for you.