Castle Builders is a software company that specializes in the development of innovative apps and disruptive technologies. Its vision is to reinvent storytelling by opening the app creation process to the public and making it accessible and affordable to everyone. The company works diligently to deliver an inspiring experience by harnessing its state-of-the-art technology for the creation of a user-friendly interface and incomparable features. The first iPad app the company had created using the Bookclip editor has reached the 2nd place on the US Apple App Store, and the 1st place in the Books category, surpassing renowned apps such as Facebook, Twitter, iBooks, Disney’s Toy Story, Google Earth, CNN, NASA, Angry Birds etc. – with over 20,000 daily downloads. In addition, on June 2016 the company’s app for creating apps had won the 1st place on the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest in Hong Kong.

Additional information is available on the company website: http://www.bookclip.com/#/about  


Castle Builders (IL)

Evan Lang

Media and Press Coordinator