Catalyft® offers a Coaching Certification Program that includes a proven business model and powerful financial model. Men & women across the US are getting certified with Catalyft® to build a business or expand an existing business, working with entrepreneurs to experience extraordinary success in business & life.

The Catalyft® training program offers extensive hands-on training and support, and a turn key system to attract new clients, develop recurring income, maximize the lifetime value of a client, all while having the freedom to set your own schedule.

The Catalyft® Success System is a revolutionary Coaching platform that provides Entrepreneurs with a proven model for building extraordinary success in business AND in life. The company provides Catalyft® partners with a comprehensive "turn key" business solution that's accompanied by full service training and mentorship from both the company founders
and other members of the Catalfyt® community.

Our Catalyft® partners get real world training that teaches them how to
build a Catalfyt® business in the area of small business coaching and consulting using our powerful proprietary model. You have the ability to create financial security through a recurring revenue model while working as little as 10-12 days per month.

  1. We value people, and the individual and collective gifts we share
  2. We value connecting, through open, honest, and transparent communication
  3. We value authenticity, acknowledging our personal and professional realities
  4. We value hope, and the possibilities that emerge from new insights and awareness
  5. We value acceptance, of ourselves and others without judgement or limitations
  6. We value community, the collective energy of our existence
  7. We value integrity, a steadfast adherence to truth

Danny Ballard - The Coach's Coach
John Zentgraf - The Coach's Coach