Cedarshield products are 100% all natural oganic in natures, containing no chemicals, no toxins, no poisons and no hazards of any kind.  They are available for all types of poest control, lawn care, yard care, patios, Vets, farms, timber preservation, hospitality industry, cruise ships, aircraft, resports, personal protection, dogs, cats, equine industry and much more.

The products have been recomended by numerous prominent Scientists and University Laboratories and the US Federal Government and there is no doubt that their unique effectiveness represent what can only be described as a World Event in both the control of insects and bugs and the very long term preservation of timber.  Cedarshield North America also offer a free advice and guidance service by contacting them by email at:

The company are also offering an innovative idea in what they call; LEED Joint Franchise, which has been designed to train, certify and approve Specialist Applications Contractors.  UNlike a normal franchise costing upwards of $50,000.00...the LEED Joint Franchise costs only $10,000.00 and successful applicants are provided with a range of unique applications equipment, signage for their truck, web site marketing and contact, development of new clients and contracts, full contract management services and a whle lot more.  Basically, the Franchisee forms a partnership with the corporate side of Cedarshield and this functions to rapidly promote and develop their business operations, treating things such as timber utility poles, marine timbers, docks, decks, fences, log cabins, resorts, hotels and many other area of industry.  Incomes for Approved Contractors can be huge and ongoing.

Cedarsheild products are a perfected formulation of a basic formula used before the time of Christ on Earth. Once a customer used Cedarshield for any purpose, they always come back again for more and they always recommend the products to friends and colleagues.  Customer satisfaction is currently measured at 98.9% Worldwide.

Don't just take our word for these claims, which may sound as unique as someone once saying they were going to land a man on the moon.  Take your own word for it, by trying the products and being amazed by the results.

The ONLY sheild anyone needs to protect their home, their family, their business and their environment in general Cedarshield.  The all natural revolution.