Cedarshield North America operates from its main corporate office in Vancouver, BC providing friendly, efficient and highly professional services and products related to environmental protection.  It is currently setting up and looking for new dealerships to set up throughout the United States, with no risk or investment required.

The majority of Cedarshield products have been developed from a recipe used by the Ancient Egyptians in the preservation and protection of their mummies and the ornate timber sarcophagus coffins where they placed their dead.  The bandages used to wrap their mummies were first soaked in natural Cedar Oil and the wooden sarcophagus was treated inside and out with a brush on application of cedar oil.  Some mummies were even laid on top of long cedar poles inside their sacred coffins.  The proof of the effectiveness of these ancient treatments is available to be witnessed by everyone today, as we can view both the mummies and their totally intact wooden coffins over 3000 years after they were treated and entombed.  Cedarshield have simply perfected that ancient recipe to formulate an all natural bio-fluid range that not only meets, but totally exceeds the demands and needs of our modern day World.

All Cedarshield products have been tried, tested and approved by numerous prominent Universities and Scientists, the FDA and the US Federal Government.  Their products are the only ones actually recommended by the Federal Government for use by their armed forces, both at home and overseas.   For example, our unique Bed Bug Evictor treatment will not only kill all bed bugs in seven seconds form application, it also kills their eggs and larvae too, even inside the mattresses, thus eliminating the next generation also.  It also kills ants, spiders, head lice, nits and even crabs which may be within the room being treated, all at the same time.   The incredible Petri-Wood timber treatment is a one-time life-time treatment for all types of timber.  It instantly removes all bound water and moisture restoring the dimensional and structural stability of the timber, stopping it from warping, cupping or splitting.  It penetrates all the way through the timber and gives it permanent protection from all types of rot, fungal decay, mildew, mold, attack by water or moisture and attack by all types of wood destroying insects.  It has been quoted as being: "The best, deepest penetrating, longest lasting and by far the most effective timber treatment on the planet."

Our products contain no toxins, no chemicals, no poisons, no DEET, no hazards and they are all totally environmentally safe in every way.  No special clothing or license is required to use our products and they all do exactly what they say they do.

Authorized Cedarshield Dealerships are still available in almost every US State and soon in Canada too.  There is no investment required but it is beneficial if applicants have an existing business, as this shows Cedarshield that they should already know how to operate and develop a new professional business that can produce an ever growing revenue stream.  Cedarshield also operate in Costa Rica, India, China, Guam, the Philippines and Australia.    Their dealers are like members of a professional family and their products are shipped direct to customers everywhere.