According to an advertising survey a well worn t-shirt is seen by over 50 000 people in it's life time!

Now if you multiply this figure by say, 8000 shirts, you are potentially communicating to 400 million people world-wide.

This is the vision of a dynamic new South African based company called ::Celestial Studios | LIKE NO WEAR ON EARTH::

"In a world that is burdened by so much bad news, we have an exciting message of hope to share.

Christianity is not a boring experience and we are providing the right tools to communicate this message to the world! It's something real and it's contagious!"

In addition to this we are using profits to fund much needed missions throughout the world starting in Africa.

We believe in a practical evangelical message that will change lives in long term (James 2 v 15-18).

What Christianity needs right now is a Revelation, followed by a Revolution!

We hope that we can play some small role in changing lives one by one giving hope to the hopeless, clothes to the naked, food to the hungry and salvation to the lost. (Isaiah 58 v 6-12).

By either buying or selling one of our products in your area, you will you be a powerful witness in your corner of planet earth and sustaining a world-wide revolution.

A Love Revolution...

To find out more you can:

+ Visit our website at http://www.likenowearonearth.com or
+ Join our Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=6053493405&ref=ts