The Cheeky Chats are Adorable Kitty Cats Whose Mission Is To Empower Girls Of All Ages Through Knowledge & Inspire Them To Believe In Themselves & Their Abilities.  Cheeky Chats products include Apps, Books, Greeting Cards and Apparel.

Who are the Cheeky Chats and what do they stand for?
Cheeky Chats are fun, bold, smart and quirky kitty cats who like to express their unique “Chattitude” and inspire confidence in a cute and playful way.

Our “Cheeky Charter” is to make people smile, build confidence, empower through knowledge, provide a fun outlet for self-expression and inspire girls of all ages, from young peeps to moms, to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Why the name “Cheeky Chats”?
“Cheeky” because we are fun and bold.
Chats because not only are these cute kitties “chatting,” that is, expressing themselves, but the word CHAT also means CAT in the creator’s favorite language, French! “Chats” is a play on words!