Chery Lin naturally treats the skin body and senses with 100% organic skincare that is fresh, nutritious and vibrant. With therapeutic plant extracts, it will rejuvenate the skin beautifully.

Chery Lin's skin care has always been based on ‘natural’, and as one of the first companies to develop 'waterless' organic skincare, research and the power of massage led her to develop recipes that are vibrant, balanced and healing, and easily and safely absorbed by the skin. Her aromatherapy based skincare is created to complement a holistic, clean approach that she believe benefits both skin and health.

Essential oils feature strongly in all the products because they treat the body and senses naturally and in complementary balance and harmony. Essential oils are nature’s perfumes, remedies and antiseptics. They have amazing cell-rejuvenating qualities, soothing and healing properties and mood and emotion enhancing capabilities.

All products are fresh, hand created and designed to feed the skin using potent, nutritious organic plant extracts. They contain no 'empty' ingredients, fillers or emulsifiers, just pure wholesome nutrients that will improve the skin's texture, strengthen and aid healing and promote natural blood flow for a healthy complexion.
Chery Lin creates skin care that treats the body as a holistic whole, which is why all ingredients used in each product have been careful sourced based on strict criteria:

Only organic cold pressed oils are used which can be traced directly back to their source;
-No ingredients are used that are either endangered or could imbalance an eco system (all ingredients used are regularly checked against the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species);
-Organically grown essential oils are used to provide therapeutic value, perfume, preservation and essence;
-All recipes have been developed so that the minimum of heating is required;
-Water is an empty nutrient and encourages microbial growth, so all products do not contain water and therefore no artificial preservatives.

Cherylin Skin Therapy products have been personally hand developed by the owner to create skin care that is freshly prepared and as active as possible to ensure maximum benefit and quality. Uniquely, nothing is made in batches or in advance prior to purchase. Each treatment is highly concentrated and nourishing so you will not have to use three or four products to address a number of skincare requirements. You will be able to smooth, calm and rejuvenate your skin beautifully – all in one go!

As a result, Chery Lin Skin Therapy has created beautiful, rich, concentrated skin and body care suitable for all skin types and conditions.