The Chetson Firm represents clients facing bankruptcy in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Often individuals experiencing financial hardship wait until they are on the brink of bankruptcy, unaware of the benefits of legal advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  The firm works closely with clients to get a clear picture of the situation.  From there can help formulate the best possible solution that works toward regaining financial health, whether through the protections offered by the bankruptcy courts, debt settlement or negotiations, or other means.  Mr. Chetson practices law in the State of North Carolina and has helped many clients discharge debts while retaining certain real and personal property.  The firm is creative in finding solutions that work for their clients, while aggressive in pursuing claims at the state and federal level against harassing and unethical practices utilized by credit collectors.  There is help available from the attorneys dedicated to assisting those with overwhelming debt.  You can learn more about the firm at http://www.ChetsonLaw.com.