Reggae to the Rescue’s mission is to harness the power and feel good vibes of Reggae music to raise funds for injured and displaced wildlife in Costa Rica. Reggae to the Rescue is a collaboration between the founders of Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, Villas Alturas and Best Time Ever. They plan to produce live music events that bring awareness of important issues impacting Costa Rica’s wildlife, and raise funds through professionally produced music events. All proceeds will go directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of the wildlife. This collaboration was brought to life during a private tour of Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, a non profit organization, given to Chuck Chastain (Best Time Ever) by Tom Rademacher and Ivette Ocampo (Executive Directors of Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and co-owners of Villas Alturas). Chuck said “Hearing the stories of how and why the animals arrived at the sanctuary touched my heart, seeing the love and care they were receiving moved me to get involved.” Tom, Ivette and Chuck talked for hours about the needs of the sanctuary and the goal to expand the facility and staff in order to help more animals. Reggae to the Rescue was born that night.