Clean360 is a social enterprise that creates small batch, handcrafted soaps from the finest ingredients in its workshop and retail location in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood.

All Clean360 employees are participants in Roots Community Health Center’s workforce development program, the Emancipators Initiative.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of Clean360 soap are used to grow and sustain the program.

The Emancipators Initiative is a source of hope and opportunity for those who have been disconnected from the workforce for an extended period of time, have experienced significant barriers to employment, and may not have basic job readiness skills.

Why soap? Roots leadership shared a specific desire to create a model that would be productive and sustainable, so that an increasing number of people could be employed without relying solely on outside funding. We set out to make something that everyone could be proud of. We knew it had to be something healthy and natural, something that everyone needs, and something that makes people feel good. And so the idea for producing soap was born!

The founding Emancipators team began producing soap on special order for local small businesses. After expertly learning the craft, the team began formulating and producing its own creations, later branded “Clean360.” We are proud to offer these creations to you at our store and online.

We know you will love Clean360 products, and we appreciate your support of Roots Community Health Center and our Emancipators Initiative!