Clear Compass Digital Group is comprised of seasoned financial industry veterans, dedicated on guiding our partners to profiting within the performance marketing space. Focusing on the cash advance, installment loans, auto finance and insurance verticals, we work tirelessly to set the course for our publishers and clients' continued success. We stand out in the industry by enhancing our partners' bottom lines through analytics and personalized account management.

We pride ourselves on a focused and seamless approach to decision making. Our mantra is continuous testing, data analysis and optimization to achieve not just our success, but our partners' unique goals. Because we own our offers, we take the guesswork out of the equation – there is no middleman, which results in better service and bigger gains for all. We believe in strong, transparent communication, awareness, and the opportunities shared vision yields. We are motivated by the long-term, steady growth and reliable partnerships. The Clear Compass team has been innovators in the space for over a decade for a reason. With technology constantly changing the route to success, we spend our energy not memorizing the map, but calibrating the compass.

Clear Compass Digital Group provides quality leads to our clients. With a wealth of knowledge as pioneers in the cash advance space, we are focused on all financial verticals including auto finance and installment loans. Additionally, we have a vast understanding and experience in the education and insurance verticals.

Our traffic is primarily generated through our expertise in internal email marketing coupled with our direct publisher relationships. Part of what makes Clear Compass Digital Group successful is the fact that we own our web priorities. Not only have we developed full analytics in house to continuously optimize our offers and flow paths, but we own our data.

We are always looking for the right opportunities and relationships to continue to grow both our business and yours. Please reach out – we look forward to hearing from you.

Publisher opportunities include top payouts and revenue sharing offers. We develop, design and test all proprietary offers in-house, and own all our network offers. We will design custom exclusive offers on request for our partners in addition to offer creatives. With a dedicated account manager that you will be able to reach out to at all times, any and all your questions and concerns will be addressed promptly. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to help optimize and grow your traffic and EPCs. Enjoy real time, multi subid tracking, prepop instructions, and on time payments, every time.

Advertiser / Lead Buyer?
At Clear Compass, we work closely with our clients from the beginning to understand their unique goals and expectations. We can do the heavy lifting and create unique landing pages, reporting, and filters to meet our buyers' needs. We rely on advanced analytics and extremely proactive communication to grow our partnerships. Please reach out below to start woring together.

List Managers, are you looking for data or have data to monetize? We have over a decade of experience with list management in both optimizing partners' data and guiding others to monetize our data. Let us know how we can work together!