SEO / SEM for local small businesses and specifically small business owners who want results from someone they can trust.

lickActivate specializes in Search Engine Optimization for Small Business: Retail, eCommerce, and Service. If you've been looking for a company with customer service, communication and follow through as your partner to help your website business grow - you have found the right people.

We understand that as a small business, your base is growing mostly through repeat and referral. We believe that we can help your sales grow by concentrating on first making sure your website is attracting your core market to the maximum capability, then second we research to properly identify and segment your sub-markets, and mine, then implement the keyword phrases from search analytics that have not been fully explored in your website marketing strategy.

With creative and data driven research we can reveal these unused keyword phrases and create rich content that attracts search engine traffic, phone calls, and emails with the right kind of customers.  If you are using a PPC campaign, wouldn't it be nice to reduce the amount of spend it requires to maintain your campaign each month?
Work with us and see what can happen.