Cogent Analytics was established in 2005.  We have built our company based on four core values - Honor, Integrity, Respect, and Loyalty.  We believe that our clients come first and that their success is how we measure our success.  

Cogent Analytics’ methods are grounded in time-tested, benchmarked industry standards and best practices, which are tailored to fit your unique situation.  Business owners are often too close to their company’s strengths and weaknesses to properly assess them.  We provide a fresh, dispassionate set of eyes that every business owner can benefit from.  

Our consulting system begins with an objective financial and operational Discovery Process.  Over a few days, a Senior Business Analyst will evaluate your business using the concept of the “4 Pillars” - Management, Operations, Internal Controls and Business Development.  Cogent Analytics believes that if these pillars are functioning at peak levels you’ll have the cornerstones for a long term successful business.  If not, then your company may falter, tilt or fall.

The Discovery Process ends with the Senior Business Analyst creating a logic based plan of action which gives you clear guidelines and recommendations for the success of your business.  They’ll provide you with an understanding of the systems, tools, and resources you need to meet your goals and achieve long-term satisfaction.  

If you want to get control of your operations, increase sales and profit, and improve your quality of life our Consulting Services team can help you get there.  We have dedicated, client-centered Project Directors who walk in your door ready to work.  They’ll have a detailed Scope of Work - developed with your Business Analyst - already prepared for your approval.  We’re so confident in our Project Directors’ skills that we guarantee a 2 to 1 minimum ROI within 12 months.

In today’s business climate it’s impossible for any small business owner to know everything they need to know to stay competitive.  Cogent Analytics’ passion and mission are to put your business’s needs first.  Our goal is to build quality, mutually successful relationships with all our clients.