Colleague has been developing fast and reliable integrated recruitment software solutions since 1995, helping some of the industry’s best known recruiters thrive in an increasingly demanding environment.

Colleague provides recruiter software which enables staffing and recruitment companies of all shapes and sizes to manage their business more effectively and improve their performance.

Colleague’s recruitment software automates everyday tasks, freeing up more of a recruiter’s time to focus on clients and candidates, maximising their productivity and increasing their earning potential.

Colleague software gives managers and business owners a comprehensive and adaptable set of tools and monitors which helps them to inspire the very best performance from their people and stay in complete control of their business.

As well as handling the entire placement process, from registration and searching to timesheet management and invoicing, Colleague’s recruiting software is a valuable resource for other aspects of a recruitment business. Finance, marketing, business development and compliance will all benefit from Colleague’s integrated approach.

Colleague works with Microsoft at the highest level of cooperation ensuring that Colleague’s integration with Microsoft products such as the Office suite, which includes Outlook, Excel and Word, is as robust and as seamless as possible.

Colleague’s recruitment software is used in over 28 countries around the world by customers working in sectors such as IT, Telecoms and Education to name but three. Colleague’s customer loyalty is the envy of the recruitment software industry and if you try Colleague recruitment software you’ll understand why.