Lying at the hub of many shipping lanes joining the West, the Middle East, Far East as well as Africa and Australia, Colombo has been recognised world over as the hub port in the South Asia.  Colombo Dockyard PLC(CDPLC) is the island's leading Ship repair, Shipbuilding and Heavy Engineering facility, conveniently located inside the very Port of Colombo.

CDPLC operates 04 graving dry-docks with a maximum capacity of 125,000 Dwt and extensive repair berth facilities. Established in 1974, this state of the art engineering entity has been servicing a wide spectrum of international clients in the Ship Repair, Shipbuilding, Heavy Engineering and Offshore Engineering sectors.  To enhance the capacity and the quality of services provided the company amalgamated with Onomichi Dockyard Company Limited, Japan in 1993. Since the collaboration and a successful management restructuring, CDPLC  has been steadily growing in all spheres focusing on Quality of workmanship, faster turnaround times and increase in the capacity.


CDPLC has evolved from a local player to a global player under the joint leadership provided multi- faceted management team comprising a blend of Sri Lankan and Japanese engineers and managers with hands on experience.

The company has developed and implemented an integrated dynamic management system that will ensure sustainable growth and satisfied customers.  Areas such as Safety and Occupational Health, Environment, Development of Managerial and Technical skills are being systematised without jeopardising the flexibility in operation.

The implementation of efficient systems, time tested both locally and by the Japanese counterparts in Onomichi Dockyard has made it possible for CDPLC to achieve a remarkable increase in the ship repair and ship building sector within a relatively short span of time.


CDPLC has set high standards to meet with the diverse and complex needs in this new sector focusing on oil rigs, drill ships & LPG carriers. CDPLC has already made entry into the sophisticated offshore oil rig / drill ship sector with securing of the international tender for repairs to Mobile Offshore Drill Unit Sagar Vijay owned by Oil & Natural Gas Corporation of India. The successful completion of damage repairs on the offshore jack up rig Aban II owned by Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore India Ltd.

A landmark offshore project tackled by CDPLC during the year 2004/5 is the major retrofit repairs carried out on the Indian Navy owned Floating Dock Navy -1(FDN-1), which was submerged underwater for over 3 months. Over 800 tons of steel was renewed during this project along with rejuvenation and installation of all the other allied systems.  

The Newbuilding's operation has also been revitalised and streamlined to win many international tenders for the design and construction of steel and aluminium hulled vessels. CDPLC has been successful in breaking into the Middle Eastern market with Newbuilding orders for four aluminium crew boats and three tug boats. Currently the shipbuilding sector is busy with construction of high end Cable Layer vessel for a Japanese client, Pilot station vessel and a buoy tender vessel also under Japanese funding to Iraq.  


The yard has geared itself to meet with the sophisticated needs of the demanding international customer base, by gaining and upgrading the internationally recognised accreditation from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, UK (LRQA) for Quality Management Systems under the terms set out by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The ISO 9001:2015 certification has been awarded for Ship Repair, Shipbuilding, Engineering Project Management and Heavy Engineering.

To meet the increased production demands, significant investments have been made to improve the existing construction and repair facilities.    

“…an Odyssey Of Excellence” ®

The vision of CDPLC is to “Pursue excellence and superior performance in all what we do..” the management is committed to provide the necessary leadership to make this vision a reality. Making the CDPLC leaner to face the stiff competition in the market, improvement of efficiency and productivity, total commitment to health, environment and safety, continual improvement of quality are the foundations of our consolidated efforts to reach the heights in our odyssey of excellence.  The ultimate goal of this joint venture collaboration is to blend the Japanese quality and expertise with the unique convenience that Colombo can offer, and consequently provide a unique experience to ship owners world-wide, that will match the best of services provided anywhere else in the world.…an experience in itself … an odyssey of excellence.