Colombo Dockyard PLC- "An Odessy of Excellence"

Lying at the hub of many shipping lanes joining the West, the Middle East, Far East as well as Africa and Australia, Colombo has been recognised world over as the hub port in the South Asia.  Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) is the island's leading Ship repair, Shipbuilding and Heavy Engineering facility, conveniently located inside the very Port of Colombo.

CDPLC operates 04 graving dry-docks with a maximum capacity of 125,000 Dwt and extensive repair berth facilities. Established in 1974, this state of the art engineering entity has been servicing a wide spectrum of international clients in the Ship Repair, Shipbuilding, Heavy Engineering and Offshore Engineering sectors.

In the ship repair sector on average, CDPLC handles over 200 vessels annually with 100 accommodated in drydock and the balance accommodated at alongside repair berth.  

Since the year 1993 CDPLC has been operating in joint collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Company Limited, Japan.