There is a phrase that supports personal activism, “Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!” It has application today regarding this new website and political movement.
It is time to shed the “I’m a Conservative-Republican or Conservative-Democrat” label because it just positions the conservative within a sub-group of the party. A conservative hyphenated Republican or Democrat is not participating in a true Conservative movement. We need to face up to the reality that we conservatives are being used because we have no opportunity to “Lead” from the sub-group. And today’s political results of either major party has resulted in many conservatives deciding to no longer “Follow.”

We conservatives must now “Lead.” It is time to return to core conservative values – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is time that we embrace these core values within a formal Conservative Party structure. Some way, somehow, we, together, can achieve that end in your state. This new conservative party movement is also igniting in all 50 states.

So we invite you to join in the formation of a party that is built for “true” conservatives. It is a movement that is predicated upon the founding events and documents of this great nation. We understand fully that you may be reluctant to leave your present political party affiliation. Many voters, after years as members of other parties, made a decision to leave the party, which was a wrenching event. Our party membership provides for supporting members. Members that will help today, but leaves the decision to change party registration to another day. If you choose that course, I assure you, you are still most welcome to join in our effort to return our country to a constitutional principled government.

Conservative Party of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Leadership

Chairman – Marcus Kohan
Vice-Chairman – Dawn Kohan
Executive Director – Shawn Myers
Secretary – Craig Lawson
Treasurer – Dawn Kohan
Director, Marketing – Tara Hawkins
Director, Public Affairs – Gary Childress
Finance & Accounting – Bruce T. Hall, CPA
Legal Counsel – Jack W. Cline