Fractioned converges desktop, server, storage and network into an "All-in-One" server, storage, switch and router called Cohesion Node (CNode).

Cohesion Nodes (CNodes) are built with open source software and high performance commodity hardware, and are custom designed specifically for your environment.

Multiple CNodes can be clustered and mirrored in 2-D and 3-D Torus topologies for linear performance gains and redundancy.

CNodes are enabled with our Fractioned Cohesion Architecture to bring about complete convergence.

** High-Level Convergence with CNodes **

->   As a Server, a CNode can host both server and desktop CNode virtual machines with 32 - 128 vCPUs

->   As Storage, a CNode can provide heterogeneous shared-nothing and shared storage at the same time comprising Solid State, SATA and SAS disks.

Storage can be provisioned to CNode VMs internally and to any other existing physical & virtual infrastructure with NFS, SMB/CIFS and SSHFS.

Volume management, high availability (real-time n-way replication between multiple CNodes), with automatic real-time self healing are provided in a single global namespace with parallel I/O.

->   As a Switch and Router, a CNode can provide heterogeneous physical network interfaces like Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, Infiniband and SCI, and can interoperate both physical & virtual infrastructure and disparate heterogeneous networks.

** Eliminate the need for:

->   separate SAN and NAS physical storage

->   separate physical servers to host virtual machines

->   redundant SAN & NAS and cluster switches

->   expensive high-availability and disaster recovery software

->   provisioning and managing of storage from within VMs

->   expensive software and hardware license and support

*** Exponential Savings & Flexibility ***

->   gain full control over your software, hardware and virtual infrastructure

->   eliminate vendor traps and lock-ins

->   grow your virtual and physical infrastructure on-demand with your choice of   components

->   save significant costs and get better performance over proprietary infrastructure

->   can serve as an effective alternative to VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xen in the desktop & server virtualization space and EMC, Netapp, HP and other physical storage (SAN & NAS)

About Fractioned:

Fractioned pioneers Virtual Supercomputing, which brings to light their advanced know-how of software, hardware & storage virtualization systems and sub-systems to architect a solution that  saves significant costs over proprietary solutions and gives better performance using open source software and high-performance commodity hardware.

The Fractioned solution gives you full control over your software, hardware and virtual infrastructure and aims to eliminate vendor traps and lock-ins.

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