ConverseNow.ai is a leading provider of conversational customer service solutions with the first ever self-service platform that can handle complex customer queries using a natural 2-way conversation approach.

The platform provides a new opportunity for brands to deliver a frictionless, consistent multi-modal customer experience to their customers. It will help them to connect directly with their consumers, build empathy and learn from their product usage experiences over the product lifecycle.

We see 2019 as the beginning of a new era in self-service that empowers customers by delivering multi-modal self-service experiences. We see durable products brands finally reaching beyond the resellers and distributors to truly know their customers and what they want now and in the future.

ConverseNow.ai is pioneering the application of artificial intelligence for customer service, at the point of service. The integration of smart screens, IoT, voice, sensors in this category of products clearly shows that we are moving to a connected world and the need of self-service will emerge.