CoolCorC, LLC is a family owned business that began in 2006. CoolCorC, LLC utilizes cork for anyone interested in becoming more environmentally conscious. Cork oak harvesting has been called the most environmentally sustainable harvesting technique in the world as it doesn't require cutting any trees. CoolCorC is focused in engaging business practices that benefit the cork oak forests and create an alignment of interests with commerce and conservation.

Designed by CoolCorC’s president, the CoolCorC cup sleeve and CoolCorC Czarf are the only cup sleeves utilizing the natural beauty and insulative quality of cork. Cork is biodegradable, recyclable, renewable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, insulative and beautiful!

Cork is mainly harvested by hand, so heavy machinery is never brought into the cork forests.  Around the Mediterranean, small tractors assist the farmers.  In Central Asia, where the trees grow much closer together and on mountain sides, all of the harvesting is done on foot. Cork is very unprocessed and the cork CoolCorC utilizes is made from the remnants of the bark after cork bottle stoppers are drilled out.

CoolCorC products are perfect for restaurants, spas, resorts, markets, groceries, cafes, coffeehouses, hotels, weddings and anyone wanting environmentally conscious products.