The Cowtown Vintage Base Ball Club is proud to be included as part of Old Cowtown Museum's growing family of volunteer organizations. The club was formed to bring circa 1870's baseball experience to Old Cowtown Living History Museum and its visitors. The Base Ball Club has worked with the museum staff to plan a full season of baseball games, exhibitions and demonstrations for the entire family.

The Cowtown Vintage Base Ball Club has recreated the 1870's teams of the Wichita "Red Stockings" and the Wichita "Bull Dozers." Visitors and interpreters (cranks - a term for spectators in 1870's) will feel the experience and live Base Ball of the period. The Red Stockings and the Bull Dozers play per the rules of the National League of 1876 or the National Association of Base Ball Players from the early 1860's. The teams are members of the Vintage Base Ball Association.

The Wichita Bull Dozers
written by Sam Sargent and Michael Alves:
"Around 1880, the common usage of 'bull-dose' in the United States meant administering a large and efficient dose of any sort of medicine or punishment. If you 'bull-dosed' someone, you gave him a severe whipping or coerced or intimidated him in some other way, such as by holding a gun to his head... In 1886, with a slight variation in spelling, a 'bulldozer' had come to mean both a large-caliber pistol and the person who wielded it... By the late 1880's, 'bulldozing' came to mean using brawny force to push over, or through, any obstacle."

Westerns vs.Bulldozers    Wichita City Eagle, August 1879
The Westerns, of Topeka, came on the noon train Saturday and were received by a proper committee and conveyed in buses to the Occidental where they had dinner, after which the two clubs repaired to the Fair Grounds, where there were about three hundred ladies and gentlemen in waiting to see the game. After a few preliminaries the game commenced, the Westerns to the bat, The first inning they made two scores before Mr. Burlingame, the umpire called out. The Bulldozers got whitewashed the first time, but were on deck the second time making for themselves a good record, but the Westerns proved too much for them, and at the end of the seventh inning they were compelled to stop the game account of the lateness of the hour, the Westerns having beaten the Bulldozers nearly four to one. The best of reeling prevailed throughout the game among the members of the two glad of the pleasure of meeting and playing with the boys from the capital, every member of which is a gentleman, and they hope to meet them on their own grounds and give then another tilt. And we wish to say right here, in our judgement, for pure, unadulterated, and unbiased umpiring, commend us to Ward Burlingame. He is just that kind of a man. In order that no point should escape his notice he worked harder than any other man on the grounds, and we think our boys are perfectly satisfied with his decisions. We might offer some criticisms or suggestions to our club, but we will leave that for others, and say, upon the whole those who witnessed the game were well played and highly entertained, and the Wichita people are proud of their club – the Bulldozers. The names of the Westerns are. Ches. West, Hale Richie, Rich Phelan, Joe C. Knight, F.B. Rix, E. Millham and F. Halm.

The Wichita Red Stockings
reprinted from an 1879, Wichita Daily Beacon
We take pleasure in stating that the Red Stocking Base-ball club has been organized on a substantial basis, with a corps of executive officers, and a “nine” that are destined to acquire more than a local reputation. The following is a list of the officers and members of the club; President, E.B. Jewett; M.M. Alexander, Vice President; W.A. Richey, Treasurer; A.F. Stanley, secretary and Capt. L. N. Woodcock, manager. Board of Directors, J.P. Allen, L.N. Woodcock, E.B. Jewett, W.A. Richey, T.L. Nixon, M.M. Alexander, Geo. A. Martin, C. Smythe and A.F. Stanley. The “nine” are made up as follows: E. Nudd, catcher, E. Ozanne, pitcher, E. Blackman, s-s, N. Marsh, 1st-base, Ed. Lauck, 2nd-base, E.H. Nudd, 3rd-base, Ern Lauck, l-field, R. Dines, c-field, A. Parshall, r-field with E. Blackman, captain. Honorary member’s tickets admitting to all games can be procured of E.B. Jewett, W.A. Richey or E. Ozanne, at a cost of one dollar. The players have been selected for their special merits, from the Wichita club, and the Bulldozers. They are ambitious to make a record, and in the contest, to-morrow, at the Fair grounds, with the Shawnees, from Topeka, we anticipate some playing that will place them high up on the baseball scroll of fame. As this is the first public contest of the club, we hope to see a large turn-out, to-morrow, on the part of our citizens, to encourage by their presence and by their contributions at the gate. The club have just received, from Chicago, fifteen dollars worth of bats.