Cross/ViZion Records, LLC is a revolutionary Independent Gospel Label based in South Florida. Our goal is to reach the common man/woman for Jesus Christ by being uncommon in our style, lyrics, and soul.  Our Artists make the Gospel message plain through their music and bring relevance to a culture hungry to be grounded in spiritual truth. We are a new generation, a fresh ViZion, and the new face of Christian artistry. We are Cross/ViZion Records, LLC.

Cross/ViZion is comprised of ministry minded, young professionals, and Artists who desire to see life transformation for non-believers.  For this reason, our music focuses on life and cultural issues that effect the global community.  We offer hope to the hurting, sight to the spiritually blind, ears to the spiritually deaf, compassion for the skeptics, and theology to the intellectuals.  Though we appreciate support from our Christian community, Cross/ViZion has no desire to preach to the choir, instead we seek to have an earth shattering faith that rivals that of the early church, bringing men/women into submission to Jesus Christ through repentance and remission of sins.

Our Labels key verse is Habakkuk 2:2 which states, 'Write the vision, ...and make it plain, so that he that reads it will run.'  Our hope is that men/women will run to the Cross of Jesus Christ after hearing our music.