"DEAC is european data center operator, the largest in the Baltics, founded in 1999. Is realiable partner for more than 2500 customers from more than 40 countries all over the world. Activities are oriented to provide full range of data center services in worldwide scale, key regions: Russia, Europe and USA.
DEAC guarantees to customers increasement of competitiveness level in the branch,  granting of effective IT-tools for business development, achieving business cost optimization (minimal CapEx and decrease in OpEx) and business protection and stability in the long term perspective.  

DEAC team consists from more than 75 sertified and expirienced IT-experts in Europe and Russia, competence of DEAC staff is constantly developing during different seminars and advanced training courses in Europe, Russia and USA. DEAC technical support is available for customers 24/7.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Total capacity of DEAC data centers, located in the EU in Riga (Latvia), is 630 racks. DEAC plans to launch new data centers in Europe during next 3 years.

New DEAC virtualization system - is powerful public cloud, that allows for DEAC customers to solve different tasks on distant positioning and data control in easily and fast way. This cloud works in cluster mode, completely duplicated internal processes quarantee safety of the data and cloud availability up to 99,995%. The solution is designed on the telecommunications equipment Juniper, servers and system of data storage from HP and VMware software platform.